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Jen at Deeping massage

Hi, I’m Jennifer

Qualified in various Massage Therapies

At Deeping Massage I aim to create a healing, relaxing and professional environment for all my clients.

I am empathetic, kind and naturally want to help people. Massage has brought me a lot of joy, and enabled me to help restore and rebalance clients. Each client’s muscles and posture tell a different story and through massage I can dig into any issues and help to relieve tensions and return the body to a more rested state.


I aim for every client to leave feeling like they have received a knowledgeable and thorough treatment and that they have been heard. 

head massage


Indian Head Massage

30 minute Treatment | £30

Feathers Holistic Centre

Stunning Location

Therapies at the beautiful Feathers Holistic Centre 

The perfect escape to help you feel comfortable and relaxed. Feathers Holistic Centre, Frognall, Deeping St James, is a calming environment exclusively for Holistic treatments from a variety of practitioners, all under one roof, all dedicated to the health and well-being of their clients.

The Centre is ideally located for residents of Deeping and surrounding villages.


I was after a strong deep tissue massage for my very tense back and neck caused by long hours sitting at a Desk. I get a lot of massages so I know a good deep tissue massage when I get one. She was able to hit all the problem areas quickly and effectively. On top she's a very lovely person and great company who makes you feel at ease. Highly recommended!”​